Allen College offers educational healthcare programs of excellence to a diverse community while instilling the values of service, inclusion and lifelong learning.

Vision Statement

Allen College will be the educational institution where students seeking healthcare education want to learn;
where healthcare educators choose to teach; and from where healthcare systems and employers hire graduates as exceptional healthcare professionals.

Core Values


Foster Unity: We are building a community of healthcare professionals who are inclusive, caring and collaborative.
Own the Moment: All members of the Allen College community function with integrity and accountability.
Champion Excellence: We create educational programs that prepare graduates to excel in their healthcare careers.
U: Every person who is a part of Allen College shapes an inclusive culture and identity of the institution.
Seize Opportunities: We will influence our community and professions through service learning, community service and lifelong learning.


In the true spirit of Christian love and service, it is the philosophy of Allen College to provide educational opportunities and resources that will facilitate student achievement of academic excellence and clinical competence with emphasis on the art of human caring. The College encourages individuals to develop their inherent abilities to full potential, and facilitates lifelong learning, a problem-solving approach, professional adaptability and a humanistic approach to new technology.

Education is defined as a holistic process that involves faculty and students in a commitment to learning with mutual accountability for personal and professional growth. The educational environment provides students a wholesome, intellectually stimulating environment in which caring and respect for all individuals is evident.

Community service provides faculty and students with an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise with others in fulfillment of responsibility to society. The role of the professional includes responsible action related to the needs of society.

Research and critical analysis give support and direction to both education and practice. Action related to data generated from study and research allows change to occur in an orderly fashion.

Strategic Goals & Strategic Plan


Allen College’s current strategic plan aims to transform the education experience and sustain success. The College’s board, leadership, faculty and staff are committed to meet the needs of our students and continue to evolve our programs ensure our graduates are exceptionally prepared to make a difference in their professional field. The current strategic plan will be complete on December 31, 2024, and a new plan for 2025 and beyond is currently in development. 

Strategic Plan

Goal 1

Create a campus community that fosters a positive student experience.

Goal 2

Create and sustain a culture of inclusion where people from different cultural backgrounds, abilities and identities are supported and valued in their learning, working, healing and living.

Goal 3

Foster a community committed to service, including underserved individuals, and lifelong learning.

Goal 4

Design course curricula through innovation and creativity by engaged faculty members to deliver an education that produces exceptional student outcomes and meets workforce needs.

Goal 5

Leverage existing partnerships and seek out new opportunities for collaboration.

Goal 6

Align resources across our organizational system to ensure student success and operational sustainability.

Academic Goals

Allen College is committed to:

  1. preparing outstanding healthcare practitioners who are committed to lifelong learning; 
  2. developing and implementing accessible academic programs of excellence that are responsive to the workforce needs of Iowa and the nation; 
  3. recruiting and retaining highly qualified and engaged students, faculty, and staff who represent diverse populations and who embrace diversity, cultural and global awareness, and the inclusion of all its members; 
  4. promoting a commitment by all members of the Allen College community to lives of service; and 
  5. adopting management practices that demonstrate outstanding stewardship of all resources to our constituents.
General Education Goals
  1. Understand and appreciate diverse cultures.
  2. Master multiple modes of intellectual inquiry.
  3. Effectively analyze and communicate information.
  4. Recognize the importance of creativity and values to citizenship.
  5. Examine personal, social, and civic values.